Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Baby and delayed speech

been worried for 1.5 years now..

My Baby at 0 - 6 months.. normal development.. 6-12 months.. i noticed he did not respond to people's names or say for instance Mama.. but he could make scary noises and he knew that.. 12-18 months.. still no changes.. no words.. not recognizable sounds.. 18-24 on a blue moon he will repeat exactly what i said.. but more often than not he would use head nodding, head shaking, hand gestures.. :(..... sounds like i really need a speech-language pathologist

I read further on Delayed Speech/Language development.. and it is possible it can be due to Fafa's ear infection. However I REALLY NEED A speech-language pathologist...

ok i found out about my Baby's ear.. he has an Eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD) the passage connected the nasal passage to the middle of the ear got infected. It can be caused by; 1) Colds and other nose, sinus, ear or throat infections, 2) Glue Ear, 3) allergies and 4) blockages.

The doc actually listed all of the above as a probable cause.. usually the ETD would go away on its own.. however with Fafa's case.. it did not.. and an ear tube surgery (like today) was performed.. He reported there was thick mucus and the ear needs drainage.. so from my reading today. The ENT doc was spot on.. I have to hope that the mucus drains quickly.

I repeat I REALLY NEED A speech-language pathologist... the ENT told me he had to be 5 years old for him to do it. I can not wait that long..

Everyone tells me it is okay. I do not think so.. I am the Mother and I know how he should be developing. I will be patient but not inactive. Hopefully I find an answer soon.

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Deana E said...

i understand how u feel.two of my cousin's has the same problem and they do engaged a speech therapist. let me know if u have not found one, i'll ask them

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