Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A new day, a new plan, a new destiny

Two years ago, I was in depression. Life could not be worst. Was I so evil that my marriage was my hell? Today that is all over. Thank You God. The perpetrator to my hell experience finally said sorry. I did not need to hear it from him because I was already at peace. Yet it was very good to hear it even if he did not mean it. I knew he would be sorry. It was just a matter of time. Life is a great Teacher that is what I would say.

Today, I am a successful career woman with financial problems and worries about raising my kids as a single mother. :) The way I see it, it is just sweet life. Nothing could be better than this. I can smile freely each day and receive the hardships and beauty that comes my way. Nice...

Next stage, planning for the future. I am not sure if I can achieve it but the actions of today determines the fruits of tomorrow. Think, communicate and do. That is the Motto of this year.

From my work of yesterday, I have a large reserve of papers and proposals. It was hard to get here but worth it. The next stage is to completely polish each to sterling silver brightness. Following that publish publish publish, talk talk talk and then do do do. The cycle will go on for me for the next 3-5 years but I am not scared or worried. That is how this life goes.

Meanwhile my kids will be okay, I will ensure that I will be home to read them books and continue working to sleep by the 11th hour each night. And in the weekends a choice of music classes, swimming lessons, karate sessions etc.

It is funny how just a month ago, I was upside down worrying about my finances when in fact. I have already ticked off each item on the checklist that should be done to be secure. Hmmmm I am an over achiever hence no wonder I over stress. I may not be in the lap of luxury and I will need to downgrade my expenditures and be more economical to survive, but all in all I am just alright.

So my destiny is in my own hands for I am the architect of my future, the navigator of my ship and the engineer to progress. I love life...


Misako said...

you go girl! I am so proud to have a friend like you.. ;)

Doc Rogue said...

Hugs.. :) Thank You CT.. so thankful that you were always there to smile and share a tear about our boys.. it helped me be normal..

I am like a bird - Eagle.. woo hoo..

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